Sonntag, 11. Juli 2010


We've been so busy lately! We went to Leipzig last week and stayed in a hostel called the Sleepy Lion. Hostels are actually pretty cool; we got to sleep in bunk beds and such. After arriving in Leipzig, we went on a walking tour of the city. Our tour guide was another nice German lady who asked us if we were all "complete" to see if the entire group was there. A lot of Leipzig was under construction; I wonder why there's more construction there than in Dresden.

The next day we toured the Bach and Mendelssohn museums. The Bach museum was amazing! The exhibits were incredibly interactive and had all kinds of interesting technology. We were all tired by the time we made it to the Mendelssohn museum. There was his death mask and some of his hair there so.......

The next day was our "free day." We went to the Zoo Leipzig and it was really nice. The aquarium/terrarium section was especially nice. I saw a lot of creatures that I had never even heard of before!

Then we ventured to the Monument to the Battle of the Nations. We read that it was the biggest monument in Europe and thought "Hey, that would be kinda cool." It was awesome! It was unbelievably huge. We went inside the base and were baffled as usual by the German that surrounded us. I found a door that lead to a staircase and decided to see where it went. About 15 feet up the tiny spiral staircase there was a lot of graffiti. I ventured oh-so-bravely onward and it started to get really cold. Did I mention that the base of the monument was a crypt? At this point Adam and Kathleen are telling me to come back and Lorilyn is having an asthma attack. I wasn't about to stop, so I ignored them and kept going. Suddenly, there was a glass door leading to the outside of the monument. I shrilly yelled back at them to keep coming and walked out on to what I though was an awesome, high view point of the monument. As the others joined me and we babbled in really loud English about how cool this was and how high up and suddenly an American guy told us we were only half way and we had at least TWO HUNDRED steps left....... To end this really long story, I'll just say that Kathleen, Haley, and I climbed all the way up and it was one of the coolest things I have ever done. The view was breathtaking!

After we came back down, I convinced Adam that he had to go up and that it was totally worth overcoming his slight fear of heights. So back up he and I went. That was two days ago. Today, I climbed 800 stairs that were carved into a mountain in the Saxony Switzerland National Park. Shaun T, that is true Insanity.

We also met a naked man, but I will save that for a later post on the soccer games, since this post was so long. :)


  1. Shaun T would be so proud!!! That is amazing that your curiosity took you to such a beautiful place!

  2. What has the temperature been this week? The weather looks very clear and humidity free. Keep having fun and being careful!

  3. Sounds like you guys are still staying REALLY busy! Can't wait to hear about your Berlin adventure!