Montag, 5. Juli 2010

First Blog!

I've been in Germany for a few days now, and have tried to start a blog multiple times. This proved to be way harder than expected. Now that I am in Germany, my computer thinks that I am in fact German. Because of this, I have had to start this blog by blindly clicking on promising links and begging my computer to please make the next page be in English.

So, I have a blog now! This trip to Germany is so far very tiring and amazing. The "old town" of Dresden is so beautiful that I teared up at least three times during our tour the other morning. Many parts of America are also beautiful, but nowhere in the States are there gorgeous, history-filled buildings like here in Europe. Speaking of Europe, I barely ever feel like I'm actually here. Usually, I just feel like I'm in another state where they speak kind of strangely and don't have air-conditioning. The first time I actually felt like we were in Europe was when we toured Old Town, and yesterday when we went to this cute little town called Pillnitz.

I'm about to head out to the grocery store, but before I go I'll quickly write down how different everything is here. It's not as if any one thing is completely different, it's just that EVERYTHING is a little different. The toilet flushes differently, the windows open differently, and everything is so very eco-friendly. I love the last one; it's so easy to recycle here. It's interesting though, no one has canteens or reusable water bottles like in the States. Also, they never drink tap water, although it seems fine to me. :)

Last thing: Germans LOVE ice cream! And now, I love German ice cream (eiss) as well.


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