Montag, 5. Juli 2010


I've posted way too many blogs today, but I'm just excited to finally have one. :)

Adam and I decided that tonight, we were finally going to get German food. No more Turkish, no more McDonald's, and definitely no more ice cream (even though it's German). We took the train to Postplatz, all the quick German restaurants were closed. We headed to Neustadter Markt, Nordsea, like Captain D's but German, was closed. Finally, we went to the ever popular German restaurant- Subway.

Earlier today, we visited the Albertinum museum. This museum suffered a lot of damage in the 2002 flood of Dresden and only reopened two weeks ago. The building was huge! I wish I could have taken pictures, especially of the Caspar David Friedrich paintings.

Now, I'm "helping" Adam do his homework. Maybe we'll go get ice cream later.......

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